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So, has your soul opened?

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Is Forgiving a Riddle? Front Cover

Is Forgiving a Riddle? Back Cover

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Your own greatness will unveil, when you let your Soul to shines.

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Is Forgiving a Riddle?

Ponder This:

“If you believe your destination,

you become your goal.”

Torry Fountinhead 2004

Is Forgiving a Riddle?

"Forgiveness is such a ‘tender’ gift that I wish, one and all, would recognize that it’s already installed within themselves. They may use it immediately, and in every subsequent moment – for the rest of their lives.
In actuality, it’s part of our survival mechanism, which allows us to move forward, in a flow rather than in a daze.
I dedicate this book to the whole of Humanity."

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Torry Fountinhead has number of books at work, please check with us again for news of upcoming publications.

A Tip of an Iceberg Meditations Series is a philosophical and spiritual literary works, one of the series Torry Fountinhead is writing. Torry Fountinhead also writes children's books.